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This is an outsourcing service of practical marketing advices and actions. Positioned to help our clients achieve their ambitions in today's world.

We offer solutions for business needs and assist in brand developing in Ukraine and Europe.


We advise on marketing & pr-communications, web-marketing, create new solutions for business owners, top-managers, startup projects and guiding partners for new opportunities. Million Consulting offers personalized advices and step by step approach to strengthening the brand's presence in the market or creating a new brand.

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Expertise is always the base
for benefits

Creating a useful product is only a some part of the task. A new stage of business development should continue to excite customers for several years. The world is so overloaded with information that to transfer the right messages to the right audience may not be as easy as it seems.

We can help to gain new knowledge and information for adoption the correct decision to launch the project or create a logic of communications with investors also.


How it works

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We believe that we can create a better media world. Where marketing is helpful and businesses grow by telling stories that people love.

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We work according to the principle of individual approach to every client. This method lets us to get success in problems of all levels.

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If our advices sound like something that you too would take pleasure in being a part of - be sure the best time to take its to the new hights is now.

Key Results Area

This is about productivity of team because everyone knows what winning looks like in their role. If not using KRAs, team members are flying blind and being reactive instead of proactive. Here are some:


On-line media publishing

↑3X traffic growth campaign on web-site

↑75% more visits after SEO audit


PR-media campaign

↑2X branded search engine traffic

Up to $100.000 average annual PR-value


Startup ideas promotion

Seed capital planning

Content marketing campaign

↓34% сost of an advertising contact


Email campaigns

↑50% average open rate

↓2X average unsubscribe rate


E-commerce SMM campaign

↑17% average basket size

↑20% more visits on web-site


ESOMAR marketing research

Retaining the most valuable customers

Keep current customers

Increasing sales to current customers

Improving customer satisfaction


45 food retail stores

↑5Х increase in turnover of promotional products

↑26% average basket size

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Our clients rely on our 10+ years experience of successful work to execute their most complex tasks. Let us help you plan new projects, which might inspire your business.

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